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Merciful Mother Rosaries

“I am not only the Queen of Heaven,

but also the Mother of Mercy.”

~Our Lady to Saint Faustina

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About Michele

Michele's journey to making rosaries started with a visit from her sister. On that visit, she noticed a significant change in her. Her sister had a peace about her she had not had before. Michele wanted to know where it came from because she wanted that peace too. Her sister's answer to her was simple: "Jesus and Mary."

In late 2021, Michele began to use her God-given creativity and talents in a way that brought her a newfound peace. She started making rosaries for friends and family. Working alongside her sister, who has a prayer ministry, she now makes them for people all over the country. 

“In trial or difficulty I have recourse to Mother Mary, whose glance alone is enough to dissipate every fear.”

~St. Therese of Lisieux

Contact Michele

For your own custom, handmade rosary contact Michele at:

(512) 629-5884

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