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About Michele

Michele's journey to making rosaries started with a visit from her sister. On that visit, she noticed a significant change in her. Her sister had a peace about her she had not had before. Michele wanted to know where it came from because she wanted that peace too. Her sister's answer to her was simple: "Jesus and Mary."

In late 2021, Michele began to use her God-given creativity and talents in a way that brought her a newfound peace. She started making rosaries for friends and family. Working alongside her sister, who has a prayer ministry, she now makes them for people all over the country.

In describing her relationship with the Mother of God, Michele explains that her "way of talking and relaxing with Mary is creating rosaries." 

She is grateful she can help others find peace through the Rosary by providing them with one they can use as they meditate on the lives of Jesus and Mary.

Michele lives in Central Texas with her two sons, Logan and Cody.

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